• Zinc Air Battery

    Our range of Zinc-air cells comes with the highest energy density available in the industry. They can power High drain devices. The cell has been designed to keep a long lasting Shelf Life. Available in BLISTER of 6pcs as well as VALUE PACK of 12pcs.

Model no IEC Image Voltage Runtime Standard Runtime High Drain Weight (g) Shelf life Mercury Free Datasheet
A10 PR70 1.40V 86hr 52hr 0.29 3 Years Yes Download
A13 PR48 1.40V 78hr 63hr 0.81 3 Years Yes Download
A675 PR44 1.40V 106hr 60hr 1.80 3 Years Yes Download
A312 PR41 1.40V 74h 53h 0.49 3 Years Yes Download
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